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If I could tell you what it meant,
there would be no point in dancing it.

Isodora Duncan

Nia is a holistic fitnessprogram.
Nia is technique and Nia is dance.
Nia is agility and balance.
Nia is mobility and stability.
Nia is strength and precision.
Nia is play and Nia is fun.
And most of all: Nia is the joy of movement!

The founders of Nia, Debbie and Carlos Rosas were searching for a fitness concept to shape the body and keep it healthy without damaging the joints. They spent many years studying the logical structure of the human body and examined different forms of movement to learn their basic essence and effects. From these results, they established a set of fundamental principles and developed their own technique called Nia®.

Today, Nia is a holistic concept of movement that is based on sensory awareness. Nia promotes the joy of movement rather than scoring goals. With a playful interaction of dance and movement set to music, Nia creates a kind of magic that often touches its participants much more deeply than conventional fitness programs using only mechanical repetition.

Nia combines Eastern and Western qualities of movement from dance arts, martial arts and healing arts into a concept that is tailored to the complete individual– not just to separate muscle groups.

Nia is:

  • A dance involving body, mind and spirit
  • A form of low-impact training that is easy on the joints
  • An intensive heart and circulatory training
  • Appropriate for every age group
  • An ideal and effective training

Nia provides:

  • Intensive experience, analysis and training of your own body
  • greatly increased individual room to move
  • exploration of space and music
  • creative expression through movement
  • participation without any prior knowledge

Nia results in

  • a rapid and distinct improvement in physical wellbeing
  • more strength and flexibility
  • physical and mental balance
  • a well-trained, trim body
  • an optimized posture
  • organic sequences of motion
  • relaxation and tranquility
  • a glow of positive energy
  • increased joy in living