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I dance - not to look pretty or to perfect a series of steps, but to surrender myself to the spirit of movement.



Physical movement has always been a basic necessity for me. Throughout my life, I would run, swim and bicycle. I did aerobic dancing and Zumba. I practiced Yoga and Pilates and studied my body through the Feldenkrais method. This was all good, but it was never "enough". It always felt “like I was missing something ..."

In 2012, I heard about »Nia® Technique« for the first time, a different kind of movement program. What was it about Nia that made it so special I wondered? On YouTube I found a slide show set to the beautiful song »Airborne« by Rain Perry. There I saw people of all different cultures and skin colors, young and old, men and women. However these Nia dancers all had one thing in common: their faces shone with happiness; I saw fulfillment in their eyes. A short time later, I participated in a Nia class myself and almost immediately enrolled in Nia Basic Training, the White Belt with Ann Christiansen in Hamburg.

For many years I lived and worked on a sailing boat. That life was very close to the elements and the movement of wind and waves. Now, like an ocean wave, Nia moves and touches me. A new journey has begun, it is exciting and filled with anticipation, an inward journey.

In the meantime, I have become a Nia teacher myself and sharing Nia is my passion. One of my students reported that straight after her first Nia-Class she went home filled with a sense of happiness.
What can I say ..... Nia just works. It is like an ocean wave that rolls on and on.

Discovering Nia was my greatest joy. I have found a movement program that completely fulfills me. I have arrived.

If you are curious and want to try it, come and check it out! It’s my pleasure!
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